God. At one point I would never use that word. The connotations of ‘god’ are very different to the connotations of ‘infinity’ or ‘source’. Yet in reality, it is semantics. It’s the same thing. God, today, is a word I use that’s easily replaceable with ‘infinity’. ‘source’ I use more as ‘the source’, as a description. The word god, to me, no longer has any connotations or attributes – other than those I apply.

Who is god?

Who is this infinity? Or, what is god, what is this infinity? The world is finite so must have an infinity in existence. The way I, so far, know what this source of the world is about, is from the world. Everything in the world is some sort of reflection of the infinite. I know that the Infinite is infinite. I know that the infinity is everything as one. There’s no ‘one’ for there is nothing defined, there can be nothing split or defined within infinity. I know that the infinite is the source of the world today, that the world exists through limit, so the world is constantly being created, for if it were outside of the infinite it couldn’t exist, being that it’s within the infinite, limit always has to be applied. I know that time and space never existed before the big bang, time and space – finiteness – limit – is an attribute of this finite world, the infinite is just, oneness. Which I can’t envision however hard I try.

I don’t know.

I don’t know anything else about this infinity. Is it good, or bad? Do such words even apply? Can any describing word (lol, I can see I teach 5/6 year olds) apply to something that is everything? Or do all attributes apply? Both good and bad. Do they even get split into good or bad?

The infinite is everything.

Which means it is the only thing that in reality exists. So, good or bad would really be defined through the lens of infinity. so maybe there is no such thing as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Maybe there is no such thing as ‘selfish’ or ‘selfless’. In this world of course there is. When it comes to the infinite however, maybe there isn’t. Maybe it’s all just everything, it’s all just reality. All of reality today being an expression of this infinity, all of reality with the exclusion of one thing – limit.


We see limit everywhere. There is a limit to how much goodness there is. Is there a limit to badness? Isn’t darkness an expression of limit – can there be limit on the limit? There is a defined number of minutes, hours in a day. There is a middle, balance to emotions. As a therapist once told me, no emotions last forever. Intensity cannot stay. There’s the balanced line, the line can spike up, or down, eventually it has to return to the baseline (I wonder if the exception to this is psychosis – maybe). Everything is defined. Has limit. The limit is actually what defines it. A table is different to a chair because of the difference in the limits. Limit. Finiteness.

Everything in this world

Everything in this world, except for limit/finite existence, would have to be an expression of the infinite. A smile. A frown. Unless both are defined. What, the question to me is, is the expression of limit. Is goodness the limit and darkness the expression of infinity? Is darkness the limit and light the expression of infinity?

To be continued…


17 thoughts on “Who/what is god? Part 5

  1. I’ve just mowed my lawn in the full sun and that seemed pretty infinitely infinite and your post has made my head hurt. Still nice piece off writing but I have no answers. For me god/the infinite is that strange thing that keeps intervening and keeping me alive (even whilst psychotic), so that’s s a good thing and I would hope is this infinite, what ever it is, will continue to do so until it’s my day to return to samsara/the source.

    Take care D

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    1. 🙂 Thanks for reading. Though if it hurts your head, just skip these posts (they’re numbered in parts). Mowing the lawn is actually fun, well I like the smell is what I mean, of freshly cut grass. It’s good to see you posting (I mean your posts).


      1. No it’s a good thing, I don’t get many mental challenges these days so it was nice to get my head out of the home care rut. But yes maybe I’ll read the others when I don’t have a list of chores to do. I like mowing as it great for my calorie counter, doing the lawn me a pack of crisps and a milky coffee with sugar 🙂

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  2. This is very philosophical, the expression of creation and where it all came from what / why are the limits and is infinity really infinite or not?
    Mind bending stuff…

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