If the bible is divinely originated, and I’m assuming for the purposes of this post that it is, then the next thing would be – how does that translate into daily life.

There are 2 parts to this. The first part, as already mentioned, is whether Judaism is true or not. The first part is what does it practically mean. How does it apply to my life? Does it even make a difference to my life. Even if the bible is truth there are still a whole lot of questions

 Do i care?

The second part is the more complicated part. Do I care?

The answer is, as with almost everything in my world, both. I care and I don’t care. I care because I want the truth. I want to apply the truth to my life. If the bible is divine, and if my understanding of the bible is correct – as in it’s exactly the same as the world, a reflection, wrong word, a, I can’t think of the word, of god. That the world itself has to be god itself. That the bible itself has to be god. Kinda that you’re putting something that can’t be put into words, into words. You’re condensing infinity through the filter of the finite. You’re condensing infinity through words. That’s how the bible can always be truth for all times, because it’s a reflection of the infinity that’s the source of life, so life itself will have to be reflected. I think the word reflection applies to life being a reflection, but not to infinity being a reflection.

Of course I’m getting distracted. My writing has always been free flow, I just write what I want to say and don’t analyse it, and I rarely (more like almost never) edit my posts, very occasionally I proof read it. It’s good. It just means that I find it hard to stay on tangent. In real life, when I’m talking, I constantly interrupt myself with one thing or another. I’ve always wondered if I’ve ADHD. I fit most of the symptoms for it. Anyways.

Do I care? I answered why I do care. I care because I want to live with reality and connect to reality, whatever I may find out this reality may be.

I also don’t care. Wrong. I care. There is the issue that I never asked to be created, that I think creation of the world is selfish (in much the same way having children in selfish, unless you’re doing it because you believe in god, and believe you’re meant to have children for god, in which case it’s a different kind of selfish, for connection is selfish too, but not necessarily a bad kind). That’s the issue of my relationship with god. Why I’m trying to build a relationship with god. I think, kinda, I wonder, whether if or when I’m living a life I created for myself, I’ll still feel that way.

Do I care what an infinity would have transmitted to the world? Yes. I care. Do I want to follow what an infinity would have said? Yes. I want to follow it. It just remains to be seen what exactly the ‘it’ the infinity ‘said’ is about.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on any part of this.

To be continued…


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