I miss AH (ex-therapist). I would love to send him a whatsapp message saying so. I can’t for it wouldn’t be healthy for me. He’d actually be touched to know that I miss him. If he even remembers me. I wonder what would happen if I would. He’d either ignore it or ask me if I wanted to meet with him. I can’t meet him again for therapy was wrecked, it ended as a mess, from both parts. There’d be so much to make okay. And all the very real issues I had with him would still be there, although, actually maybe not. Maybe if I’d be able to communicate what they were, we’d be able to work through them so that he wouldn’t be responding or not responding in that way, so that he’d be giving what I needed. Anyways it’s not relevant to go off and wonder what would happen for it’s not about to happen. I’d love to one day meet with him again, but that’s not today. That’s not until I’d really be okay with it. Which isn’t relevant.

I miss AH.


4 thoughts on “I miss AH

  1. Well, you could rely on Hallmark and just say “I was thinking about you and wanted you to know that” … that way it doesn’t invite a back-and-forth messages/e-mails because you might be upset if AH does not respond … this way, the ball is in his court.

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