This story brought me to tears with it’s simplicity and innocence. It shows love and care, and is a typical random act of kindness. WATWB – We are the world blogfest – is about spreading joy and light in a world which is filled with darkness. In actuality there is a lot of both. Light and dark. Creating an awesome pattern.

Christian and Justin Moore walked into the Home Depot in Cedartown, Georgia earlier this week with the intention of building a walker for their 2-year-old son Logan. Logan’s parents were worried that their insurance would not cover a walker – and if it did, then it would take too long to get one. Christian and Justin went to the home goods store with a supply list of tools and materials they would need. Upon showing the list to one of the employees, the couple was joined by the store manager – and they were stunned by what the workers had to say.

“They started getting the parts together and told us they would put it together and would not charge us for it, they told us to go get ice cream and come back in an hour.”

By the time they returned, the Home Depot employees had assembled a brand new walker for Logan – and it even featured his name across the front.

To view the story in Goodnews or on CNN

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3 thoughts on “WATWB – Build a walker

  1. Hi Eliza,

    I love your new blog, here! The content is very encouraging to me. 💕

    Will you still be keeping your other site on: “Reasons”? If you ever choose to take it down, please let me know so I can copy my posts. I have procrastinated on doing this.

    You are a Survivor and a great inspiration to me, Eliza. I want you to know this.

    Also, I made my profile name the one which you will recognize. 😊

    Supra Hugs,


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    1. Aww thanks Tamara

      I plan on keeping my other site. I’m not thinking of reasons at the moment, although if they ever come to me I’ll be writing them. I’m grateful. Thanks for your comment about the site. I appreciate it…..



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  2. This is a beautiful gesture – did you see that little boy’s face how happy he was and I love that they chose bright orange materials to make it … there is good and kindness in the world, though you often think it does not exist if you listen to the news, or pick up the newspapers. Thank you for sharing this story Eliza.

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